Fruits and vegetables to increase potency in men

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Every aged man can experience problems with potency and various diseases that lead to reproductive disorders. Many factors contribute to the emergence of the problem: unhealthy lifestyle, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. The totality of addictions affects the functioning of the whole organism and, consequently, the genitals.

Sexual activity and the level of sexual health depend to a large extent on adequate nutrition, so it is necessary to include fruits and vegetables in the diet to increase potency.

The daily diet should include foods that contain vitamins A, E and B. Vitamin B nourishes the nervous system, improving the permeability of nerve impulses, thus increasing sensitivity. Vitamins A and E - have a direct effect on potency. Eating a balanced diet increases libido and improves sexual performance. The body's blood circulation is no less important, since an erection depends directly on it.

The benefits of fruits and vegetables are undeniable, but fanaticism must be dispensed with - excessive consumption leads to excess vitamins in the body, causing a number of other problems. Moderation in diet is a necessary component of adequate nutrition to improve male potential. The following vegetables and fruits will be most beneficial for potency.



The generalized and sweet vegetable root has a direct effect on the male body due to its composition:

  • group of vitamins - PP, B and C, A, D and E;
  • minerals - potassium and calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and sulfur;
  • useful substances - proteins, carbohydrates, fats.

The rich composition makes beets practically irreplaceable and useful in many areas: from diseases of the cardiovascular system to diseases of the male reproductive system. Beet is a preventive measure against prostate adenoma, it increases potency and fertility. The plant root is used to treat weak erections, it affects the part of the brain responsible for libido - the pituitary gland.

Because it has doping properties, beet increases the body's resistance, stimulates the muscles and the speed of recovery after physical effort. For this reason, athletes' diets include beet juice to help tone the body after exercise. Beet juice contains a mineral responsible for its potency and its preparation is quick.


The herb's edible fruit contains many vitamins and minerals, as both the seed and the pulp are beneficial. Pumpkin is a unique natural complex that includes:

  • vitamins C, E, B;
  • minerals - silicon, fluorine, copper, zinc, iron, calcium, potassium;
  • vegetable fiber;
  • mineral salts;
  • essencial oils.

Pumpkin is extremely useful in folk medicine, as it contains a complex of vitamins and microelements necessary for a person. The inclusion of pumpkin pulp in the daily diet serves as a preventive measure against heart disease. Vitamin E, in turn, prevents premature aging. The constant consumption of pumpkin leads to the development of an antioxidant effect:

  • keep internal organs in good shape;
  • preservation of the reproductive system;
  • improved permeability of nerve impulses.

Together, this allows you to increase the strength and duration of an erection. Pumpkin seeds are no less useful than pulp, their beneficial properties stimulate the production of sex hormones in men. Thus, any pumpkin recipe will help support male health.


The fig tree has a rich composition, which allows its use in several fields of medicine:

  • vitamin complex;
  • minerals - iron, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorus;
  • coarse fiber;
  • fatty acid;
  • carbohydrates and sugar.

There are controversial opinions about the use of fruits to improve health. The composition of figs includes many carbohydrates and sugars (at least 50% of the total mass), the use of which is harmful to health. Sexual activity depends a lot on general well-being.

The vitamin complex improves the body's resistance, eliminating cholesterol and toxins. When eating figs, the work of the gastrointestinal tract is normalized, the weight returns to normal and the feces are stabilized. Figs have a diuretic effect.

Fruits stimulate the production of hormones of happiness, improve blood circulation and increase endurance. Figs are also a natural aphrodisiac, increasing arousal.


Watermelon is almost entirely water, but the rest contains a rich complex of vitamins and minerals. The substances contained in watermelon have a beneficial effect on blood vessels, thus improving blood circulation and, consequently, potency.


Watermelon composition:

  • vitamins C, B1, B2, PP;
  • cellulose;
  • trace elements: carotene, folic acid, salts, potassium;
  • phytonutrients: citrulline, beta-carotene, lycopene.

Together, all the elements have a beneficial effect on the body, preventing premature aging. Beta-carotene and lycopene are natural phytonutrients that affect the prostate and skin.

Citrulline has a stimulating and stimulating effect, the element relaxes blood vessels, so blood circulates more quickly. In the human body, citrulline enters a chemical reaction with enzymes to form arginine. Increasing the concentration of the element stimulates potency.

Often, sexual dysfunction can be caused not only by aging or loss of physical fitness, but also by various psychological problems. The elements that make up the watermelon stimulate blood circulation, so an erection is achieved. In addition, this effect allows treating not only impotence, but also high blood pressure and several other diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Watermelon cannot act directly, like drugs to increase potency, but it has an undeniable advantage over them - the absence of side effects. The berry also helps to cleanse the body by removing toxins. Watermelon is not able to cure erectile dysfunction, however, its composition allows to saturate the body with the necessary substances.


The exotic avocado is nutritious and known for its rich composition containing many health benefits. Since antiquity, the avocado has been considered a male fruit, because for many people it personified the concentration of strength.


The pulp of the fruit includes:

  • vitamins C, B6 and K;
  • trace elements: copper, potassium and folic acid.

The main benefit of the fruit is the masculine strength. Avocado fatty acids help reduce cholesterol, which leads to vasodilation due to the absence of fatty plaques. An erection is achieved due to blood flow, which is why blood circulation is so important for potency. Paradoxically, the fruit can replace meat and eggs due to its high protein content.

Folic acid is involved in the formation of red blood cells and its absence in the body can lead to anemia. The substance is very important because, with the lack of it, the production of sperm decreases - the sperm are slow and inactive and the reproductive function is significantly impaired.

Avocado is a natural aphrodisiac, containing a complex of biological substances and vitamins that stimulates sexual desire and increases arousal. Adding avocados to your daily diet will help prevent many diseases.


An excellent power aid is the turnip, as it has a beneficial effect on sexual performance, synthesizing the main male hormone - testosterone. In addition, the plant root contains many useful substances that improve the condition of human beingsTurnipbody.

The richest composition of turnips contributes a lot to this:

  • vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, C, PP;
  • minerals: phosphorus, iron, iodine, manganese, sodium;
  • Glucorafanin is a rare component, therefore, an indisputable advantage for eating a vegetable;
  • sulfur salts;
  • cellulose.

Eating turnips is a very effective diuretic way to eliminate toxins from the body. In addition, the cellulose content allows to eliminate excess cholesterol, with which the blood vessels are cleaned and strengthened. A unique component of vegetables - glucorafanina - helps prevent various types of cancer.

Turnips are often included in traditional recipes for treating impotence. Including vegetables in your diet is a good step that will lead to a gradual improvement in sexual function.


It is known that the banana is the best light snack, as it saturates the body and promotes recovery. But its rich composition also has a good effect on potency. The fruit contains B vitamins, fiber, tryptophan protein and natural sugars.

A large amount of the tryptophan protein in the body is converted to serotonin, which serves to improve well-being and mood.BananasEating bananas leads to the restoration of psychological balance, literally soothes the nerves and relieves doubts, which often arise as a result of failures in bed and can affect potency. This is an important step in the treatment of impotence resulting from doubt.

The fruit affects the metabolic processes of the body, which leads to weight loss and accelerates the production of male sex hormones. They, in turn, stimulate libido and increase strength, which contributes to the duration of sexual intercourse.

Group B vitamins, combined with potassium and magnesium, have a complex effect on the brain, increase endurance and performance. The average time of sexual intercourse increases due to the resistance of the whole organism.

Dried dates

Dried fruits are used in dietary food mainly due to their huge amount of vitamins and minerals. They are believed to have a positive effect on the condition of the teeth, but it is equally important that their beneficial effect extends to blood circulation, as well as to the quantity and quality of active sperm. In addition, dates are loaded with carbohydrates, which provide the body with the energy it needs.

Dates contain a large amount of pectin and vegetable fiber, which are good for the digestive system and prevent constipation. This improves the functioning of the stomach and intestinal tract and normalizes weight.

Dates are rich in amino acids, and when you eat dried fruit, your body receives a lot of vegetable protein. In addition, they contain oils and fats that normalize metabolic processes. They are improved through the complex effects of minerals and vitamins.

Dried dates

The product contains vitamin A, which directly affects the body's rejuvenation processes - improves vision, strengthens nails and regenerates the skin. Vitamin B1 has a beneficial effect on the human nervous system, improving the permeability of impulses. In addition, the fruit contains vitamin B9, responsible for blood renewal, B2 - which improves the metabolism of carbohydrates. Vitamin C directly affects blood circulation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, preventing the appearance of various heart diseases.

The beneficial minerals included in the composition - potassium and magnesium - also have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. When dried dates are included in the diet, not only well-being, but also the condition of the skin, improves. In addition, they serve as prophylaxis against cancer. Immunity is significantly increased.

The main beneficial quality for male potency is that dates improve sperm. The quantity increases significantly, the quality improves. Dates, like many other fruits, have a stimulating effect on the body. Frequent use leads to an increase in male libido. In addition, a large amount of carbohydrates contributes to the accumulation of energy and resistance in men, thus increasing the duration of sexual intercourse.

The combination of many products from the list above in a man's daily diet will increase potency. Sexual desire will increase significantly if you combine dates with bananas and avocados. Each of these fruits was revered in ancient times as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Sexual desire after eating healthy food

It is generally accepted that male food is coarse and must contain mainly proteins, but the consumption of fruits and vegetables has a direct impact on a man's sexual function. The deterioration of sexual appetite occurs with age, so it is important to also monitor the general state of the body, in order to avoid the appearance of early impotence. Adding vegetables and fruits to your daily diet, as well as the right combination of essential vitamins and minerals, will increase the average time of intercourse. It is worth remembering that the result is not instantaneous, as with special medications, but at the same time the fruit and vegetable diet does not have negative consequences for the body.