Methods to increase potency

exercise to increase power

Certainly there are many men who at least once in their life have considered using drugs to increase potency. Strong sex is often critical to your sexual performance, even in the absence of erectile problems. And new medications that improve erections always attract men's attention. What treatment methods are used by modern men to improve erection?

Simple ways to prevent

The simplest and most affordable method to maintain good potency for a long time is prevention. This is important for modern men, especially at such a fast pace of life. Daily tasks require a lot of time and effort, which affects a person's well-being, lifestyle and diet.

Overwork, stress, unhealthy diet, bad habits and frequent alcohol consumption negatively affect the quality of sexual life. In this context, erectile dysfunction develops.

Unfortunately, men rarely think about prevention. Problems begin to be resolved when they appear. And the first thing men do is go to the drugstore for proven and advertised ways to improve their erections. But the pills help to get an erection for several hours, the problem itself is not eliminated.

But sometimes it's so easy to solve it by following a few simple rules:

  • Monitor the overall health of the body.
  • Drop bad habits.
  • Minimize alcohol consumption.
  • Control your diet, try to think of a menu with the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of the body.
  • Rest more, sleep must be complete.
  • Avoid stress and shock.
  • Watch your own weight, a marked weight gain or a rapid loss of kilograms negatively affects potency.
  • Don't skip doctor visits. If the illness is diagnosed at an early stage, it is much easier to resolve than a prolonged illness.
  • The recommendations are simple and accessible to everyone. But even if in this case the man begins to feel a weakening of potency, it is important to urgently find time for an appointment with a specialist. The longer the disease develops, the harder it is to defeat it later.

    Bath and ice will help increase potency

    An increase in potency is also observed when visiting a bath. After staying in the steam room, blood circulation improves, the body is healed, which has a beneficial effect on potency. It's nice if you have the opportunity to visit the spa twice a week. It won't hurt to take a birch broom to the steam room.

    It is no less effective to take contrast baths at night. To do this, one container is filled with hot water and the second with cold water. Just spend a minute on each container. These moves must be performed 8 to 10 times. For starters, the contrast in water temperature in the containers should be minimal, as a noticeable difference can be detrimental to health. Gradually the contrast in temperature needs to be increased.

    Surprisingly, ice also has healing properties and helps to increase potency. The ice crushed into small pieces is wrapped in ten layers of cheesecloth. The bundle is first applied to the base of the skull, then transferred to the heart, and finally placed in the scrotum. Ice is applied to each area for one minute. For the procedure, 500 grams of ice is sufficient. These methods help improve blood circulation, provide blood flow to the male genitals. This ensures a lasting erection and provides excellent sensations during intercourse.

    The main advantage of these recommendations is that an increase in male potency is achieved without the use of synthetic drugs.

    Exercise as a way to improve potency

    Special physical exercises will not be superfluous for potency. They will not only help improve your erection, but also increase your overall body tone, providing you with excellent well-being throughout the day. First you need to get used to the morning exercises. It's advisable to move more - walking in the air, running or exercising in the gym will help you feel good all day long.

    It will help improve erection and special exercises for the perineum muscles. You need to devote about half an hour to the exercise. During training, a man needs to stretch his perineum muscles while standing, lying and sitting for 10 seconds at a time. Struggling is like having to hold back urination.

    Experts recommend a few more exercises that, in their opinion, help improve erections in men:

  • While sitting, you need to bend one leg comfortably. With your hands, reach for the Achilles tendon and grab it with your thumb and forefinger. Lightly press the tendon and rub it, trying to make longitudinal movements. The exercise is repeated for the other leg. This exercise had a good effect on male strength.
  • Sitting, place your palms on top of each other and massage your leg with your hands gradually, from the calf muscle to the foot. The second cinnamon is massaged in the same way. Massage is performed on both legs for one minute. It relaxes the prostate.
  • Lying face down, hands are located under your chin, elbows bent to the side. As you inhale, bend one leg to the side and try to reach your elbow with your knee. On exhalation, the leg returns to its original position. The exercise is repeated for the other leg. It is observed that when this exercise is performed, blood circulation improves, normalization of the work of various organs is noticed, which also has a beneficial effect on potency.
  • By exercising every day, you can achieve great results. This is confirmed by studies in which positive results were seen in more than half of men with impotence or weak erection.