male G-spot

In a man's body, as in a woman's body, there are special erogenous zones. Just touching them can make your partner's feelings brighter and more intense. First, we are talking about the G-spot. . .

Where can I find him?

The male G-spot is better known as the prostate. It resembles a walnut and is located four to two inches below the groin. When a man starts to get aroused, the G-spot significantly increases in size. Just touch it - and the strongest orgasm is provided.

G-spot location in men

It is strictly forbidden to stimulate the male point without prior heating. Before stimulation, try to heat up the man's sexual arousal as much as possible. The most effective way in this case is an erotic massage with ice cream or ice cubes. Try to pay attention to every cell in the male body: start with a head massage, then move to the stomach and vice versa. Pay special attention to the buttocks. Before starting stimulation, they should be as relaxed as possible.

Stimulation Methods

There are two ways to stimulate the male G-spot - external and internal. In the beginning, it is worth practicing external stimulation. This method involves stroking (pressing) the area located between the scrotum and anus. Try stroking the main male erogenous zone with your index finger and thumb. First, rub this area well, and the moment the man is closest to orgasm, click on it. Just remember: by increasing in size, the male G-spot becomes very sensitive, so try to press it with extreme caution. Pressing hard can interfere with ejaculation.

The second way of stimulating the G-spot - internal - is capable of transmitting even more vivid sensations to a man. However, not all men accept this method of stroking, considering it a sign of homosexuality. The internal method of G-spot stimulation is as follows: During sex, the partner inserts his index finger into the man's anus, finds a small lump on the side of the penis, and begins to stimulate it. All of his movements at this point must be extremely accurate. Try to do without harsh and violent manipulation. Movements should be smooth and fluid. And in order not to hurt the man and at the same time observe the hygiene rules, first lubricate the finger with a special lubricant, or better yet, use a condom.

In intimate stores, you can buy special devices designed to stimulate the G-spot. They are inexpensive and at the same time increase your partner's sensations several times over.