The most useful nuts for men and different effects on the body

Nuts contain a lot of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, essential oils, fiber and vegetable proteins. Due to their rich composition, they are used to improve male health. This product saturates a man's body with vitamins, removes cholesterol, prevents the development of heart disease and impotence. In this article, we'll look at which nuts are healthier for men.

How do walnuts affect potency?

nuts for male potency

There are different types of nuts that have a beneficial effect on the potency of man, eg peanuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, pine nuts. Daily use of this product has been proven to help increase erection. Let's consider how the composition of the product affects the male body. The fruit contains:

  • vitamin E;
  • vitamin B;
  • zinc;
  • magnesium;
  • iron;
  • omega 3 acids;
  • organic acids;
  • arginine.

All components contribute to the production of the male hormone, and the benefit of arginine lies in the beneficial effect on the entire reproductive system and in the production of nitric oxide in the right amount needed for potency.

For information!The most useful nut for men is the walnut, as it contains the greatest amount of omega 3 fatty acids.

Just 100 grams of the product per day has a beneficial effect on the production of the hormone testosterone and increases potency. It is noteworthy that each type of fetus can have a different effect on human health, this is due to a different chemical composition. It is recommended to add fruits to fish, meat dishes, salads and desserts.

Different Nuts - Different Effects

Which nuts for potency in men to use? Nuts are a useful product that can increase potency, strengthen man's health. This product is often used as an aphrodisiac. Today, the fetus is often prescribed to improve potency and normalize male hormone production. Consider which nuts are healthier for men.

Nut and semen quality

nut to potency

Scientists have shown that, because of their potency, walnuts help to increase the production of the male hormone testosterone and are responsible for normalizing hormone levels. Contains vitamins from group A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C, E, K, PP, also calcium, magnesium, arginine and folic acid. To improve potency, various recipes are used that can eliminate erectile dysfunction problems. The combination of a nut and honey product helps to improve potency, this recipe is the most popular and effective.

For information!70 grams of walnuts increase the level of "healthy" fats in the blood without affecting a man's body weight.

Brazil nuts and testosterone

Brazil nuts for potency

Why is it good to consume a Brazilian product? The Brazilian fruit contains large amounts of selenium and magnesium, the product is able to influence the risk of developing prostate cancer and prostatitis. In addition, this fruit is able to improve the amount of testosterone by several percentage points and increase gamete mobility and production. Thanks to the presence of omega 6 acids, testosterone levels increase, reproductive function increases and it also provides powerful protection for the cardiac system.

Cashew Nuts and Fertility

Cashews contain zinc, which is responsible for increased fertility. Scientists have proven that zinc deficiency in men can reduce sperm production and testosterone levels. The product contains an important arginine component, responsible for increasing potency and producing male buzz. It is important to note that cashew nuts are also helpful for men in that they reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer, quickly saturate the body with the strength and energy needed for normal, prolonged intercourse.

For information!Cashews inhibit the formation of subcutaneous fat, which interferes with normal testosterone production.

almond bonus

almonds for potency

Almonds to increase potency in men are able to support sexual function, hormones and health. The fruit contains arginine, which can increase male libido, stamina and strength. In addition, arginine has a beneficial effect on blood circulation as it expands and relaxes blood vessels, resulting in increased potency. It is recommended to consume almonds daily at a dosage of 30 grams, it has been proven that this amount of fruit helps to replace deficiencies of magnesium, selenium and calcium.

pecans and polyphenols

Nuts are good for men for their high concentration of plant antioxidants, polyphenolic compounds found in blueberries and plums. Due to the presence of vitamin E, beta-sitosterol and herbal steroids, the male body has reliable protection against the development of erectile dysfunction and prostate cancer.

Pistachio and erection

pistachio for power

Pistachios contain a vitamin B, which helps to strengthen the immune system, magnesium, phosphorus and copper are responsible for the nervous system, dietary fiber and fatty acids improve blood flow and lower cholesterol levels, and arginine is responsible for increasing blood blood flow to the reproductive organs. It should be noted that pistachios is a low-calorie product, and the presence of folic acid helps to normalize the sperm synthesis process in humans.

For information!The composition of pistachios contributes to increased microcirculation and blood flow to the genitals, increasing the potency and duration of sexual intercourse.

Multi-profile hazelnuts

Hazelnuts contain arginine, selenium and vitamin E. The fruit is able to calm the nervous system, relieve irritation and stress. Daily use of the product allows you to increase your fat intake without dietary restrictions and additional efforts, as a result of improved blood flow, arteries relax and are cleared of cholesterol plaque. This action increases testosterone levels in a man's body and improves the reproductive system.

For information!Cream of walnuts significantly increases the quantity and quality of sperm.

There are a wide variety of recipes that can quickly restore hormone production, improve blood flow to the genitals, and improve reproductive function.

Due to their useful composition and absence of contraindications for use, walnuts are a good product that can strengthen the reproductive function, increase the quality and quantity of sperm. Inclusion in the fetus' daily diet promotes male hormone production and reduces the risk of prostate disease.