Why male potency declines and how to maintain it

It is difficult to say at what age the potency of men decreases. Generally age does not affect male power. Intimacy for a man is a sphere of increasing his own self-esteem, an opportunity to establish himself in the eyes of those around him. Any modern man wants his sexual activity to last many years. Age and potency in men are not directly related, here we need to talk about the reasons why there is a decrease in potency. A man in his 60s to 70s can be just as active as he is at 30. But what then?

Does age affect male power decline?

mature age and diminished potency

Every man wonders, until what age can a man maintain potency? Scientists have proven that age for sex is not the limit. Earlier, in ancient times, a man could have sexual intercourse simultaneously with 15 representatives of the fairer sex.

There are experimental confirmations that this force is inherent in every man from birth. But not everyone knows how to use it. In ancient China, it was said that a man has a certain number of days in his life for sex.

Wasting this force ahead of time (potency) can lead to serious disturbances in the future. But this may be a myth, because the amount of sexual intercourse at a younger age does not affect erectile dysfunction when you are over 60. The more a man has sex, the more hormones are produced in his body that are responsible for health and libido (desire).

Possible reasons for the drop in potency

man upset by low power how to increase
  1. Permanent workplace. There is an opinion that if you work in one place for more than 6 years it can lead to a decrease in efficiency and also in terms of power. Therefore, it is necessary to make changes in your creative potential so that everyday life does not affect the deterioration of well-being and the decrease in erection.
  2. Health related problems. To keep his libido at the proper level, a man should not lack physical activity as well as health problems. Early diagnosis of diseases such as hypertension, ischemia, diabetes mellitus, thyroid disorders, liver damage, contributes to the rapid restoration of potency.
  3. The habit of eating unhealthy foods. The excess of fried, salted, sweets can lead to obesity, and this, in turn, leads to apathy and sluggishness. All this can lead to atherosclerosis of the vessels in the penis, less blood flow and the long-awaited erection disappears. Therefore, in order to maintain male attraction, it is necessary to eat right, otherwise the consequences for men will not be at all happy.
  4. Family misunderstanding. This mainly applies to married men. With prolonged abstinence from sex, various conflicts occur. Sometimes it is not even associated with a disorder of sexual function. Here, the psychological moments are most influential: fatigue, emotional stress. One should be able to rest and relax otherwise this condition will haunt men constantly and can lead to impotence for the rest of their lives.
  5. alcohol consumption as a cause of low potency
  6. Alcohol abuse. If a man consumes a lot of alcoholic beverages (beer, vodka, cognac), he should know that this is the shortest way to start a disturbance in the intimate sphere. It is possible that a little alcohol promotes emancipation in sex. Drinking alcohol increases the production of estradiol, which affects the male hormone testosterone through the pituitary gland. If you don't know the measurement, you can get the exact opposite effect.
  7. Change of sexual partner. Violation of potency occurs in the male population who do not have a permanent partner. In addition, frequent change of partner contributes to the development of sexually transmitted diseases (ureaplasmosis, mikaplozmoz, gardnerrelez, syphilis, gonorrhea and others). In this scenario, the power can be significantly reduced.
  8. Heavy physical activity. Strong stress, strenuous physical work provoke the appearance of impotence in men.

Hormonal changes with age

It is possible to get a good erection for a long time, as urologists-andrologists say. But still, the hormonal background is responsible for maintaining an erection. When a young person grows, testosterone starts to be produced during this period. This hormone is a male health booster. When a man grows up, the hormone production process starts to slow down, but that doesn't mean he won't be able to have sex. Potency directly depends on how often a man has sex.

When having sex, especially after ejaculation, a lot of hormones of joy enter the blood - endorphins, which contribute to the continuation of euphoria. The heartbeat also speeds up, the blood speeds up well through the vessels, which is very good in preventing diseases associated with atherosclerosis. Thanks to regular sexual intercourse, men maintain an erection for a long time. Of course, a lot depends on hormones, but this jolt to the body will only have a positive effect.

Preservation of potency into old age

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For a stable erection and maintaining it for a long time, it depends on the frequency of sexual intercourse. How long can the potency last? Typically, potency begins to decline after age 50. This is affected not only by the production of the sex hormone, but also by the diseases that a man has acquired during his lifetime. With age, the frequency of sexual intercourse may decrease: for example, at age 30, he can more than three times a week, up to 45 - 2-3 times a week, 65-70 years - once in 8-10 days . This is, of course, an average value, in each case it can differ significantly.

Potency is preserved in those men who:

  • They lead an active lifestyle. Engaging in a dispute, swimming, football guarantees all representatives of the stronger sex good potency until old age. Physical education increases testosterone and growth hormone.
  • Forever abandoned bad habits. These people have the opportunity to maintain their libido after 50 years.
  • Constantly undergo examination by a urologist. When a doctor discovered diseases of the genitourinary system in a man (adenoma, prostatitis, benign tumors), it becomes clear why potency can disappear. It is necessary not to be lazy and pass all tests and exams on time to avoid adverse consequences.
  • Get a massage. Massaging the prostate helps to stabilize blood flow and normalize the work of the gland. Timely treat STDs, vascular diseases, proctological pathologies.
  • They regularly take blood tests for hormones and, if necessary, use medication to normalize testosterone levels.

Potency prevention and preservation

the doctor gives advice on how to maintain potency

Potency will continue if a man follows the following rules:

  • Regularly examined by doctors and taking medications;
  • Eat right and rationally. Include more healthy foods and vitamins in your diet. Eggplants, greens, carrots increase spermatogenesis well. In the absence of substances such as selenium and zinc, erectile function decreases;
  • Exercise, swim, move more. Stagnation in the organs of the small pelvis leads to the disappearance of potency, which affects male psychology;
  • A man, in order for an erection not to disappear, needs a good rest. It is not necessary for sex to be at night. When the body is rested, it can do wonders, especially in the morning;

These are just some of the recommendations to increase sexual desire. For more accurate information, it is best to consult your doctor.