Vitamins for potency are an important component of a man's health

Vitamins are necessary for potency, sometimes just with the help of these nutritional components you can improve your sex life. We will tell you which vitamins are necessary for men's health.

Essential vitamins for potency

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To understand how to treat a potency violation, you need to know what causes lead to your disorder:

  • Irrational nutrition.
  • Passive lifestyle.
  • Low self esteem.
  • Unfavorable antecedents of heredity.
  • Bad environmental conditions.
  • Have bad habits.
  • Psychological discomfort.
  • Stress and negative emotions.
  • Having multiple sexual partners.
  • Infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

Vitamins affect the psychological state, the strength of blood vessels, the level of the immune system. An effective solution is to take complex vitamins to balance the balance of these nutrients in the body. Most of the vitamins we can get from healthy foods, however, at certain times of the year there is a shortage of fruits and vegetables, so vitamin complexes will help.

What vitamins are primarily needed for potency? There are a number of vitamins that play a major role in maintaining male strength:

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  • Vitamin E for potency.It is a natural antioxidant, as well as a necessary component for the treatment of infertility, both male and female. Rids the body of free radicals, prevents the formation of malignant cells, the destruction of the membranes of the body's own cells. Tocopherol can serve as an anti-aging vitamin. The antioxidant abilities are due to its interaction with free radicals, it comes in contact with selenium, so the enzymes responsible for the antioxidant function are activated more quickly. Vitamin E can increase erythropoiesis. This is the production of new red blood cells. Under the influence of tocopherol, the following proteins in our body are produced: contractile proteins of muscles, collagen, proteins of the placenta and mucous membranes, enzymes of liver cells. A major role of vitamin E is in the synthesis of gonadotropic hormones. A large amount is found in vegetable oils, celery, egg yolks, greens (onion).
  • Vitamin A.It is one of the most important vitamins as it participates in all the vital functions of the body. The main role is the production of the visual pigment rhodopsin. This vitamin is part of cell membranes, providing their antioxidant protection. Retinol is a growth and development vitamin. Its deficiency manifests itself as a decrease in resistance to infections. Undoubtedly, the vitamin has a positive effect on potency and erection in men. It is not difficult to remember foods rich in retinol. It's all yellow, red, orange. For example, carrots, apricots, pumpkins, as well as spinach and parsley.
  • An important role belongs to vitamin D for potency.Especially indispensable in winter and in regions where there are few sunny days a year. In addition to the process of absorption of calcium and phosphorus, vitamin D is involved in metabolic processes, cell reproduction. For men, the role of this vitamin in hormone synthesis is important not only for the reproductive system, but also for the thyroid gland and adrenal glands. The sources of this substance are fish fats (sturgeon, mackerel), egg yolk, caviar, butter. The vitamin itself is synthesized in the skin, due to exposure to sunlight.
  • Vitamin C.We are used to ascorbic acid and no longer attach a significant role to its content in food. But this vitamin is responsible for a huge number of functions in our body, it affects all levels of life. Corbic acid is a natural antioxidant. It does not allow cell membranes to collapse prematurely, it protects them from free radicals. The vitamin is responsible for the production of collagen, therefore, with its deficiency, fragility of the vascular walls and bleeding of the gums are observed. If you consume enough in your diet, you can significantly reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. A significant role of vitamin C in the regulation of blood clotting, the degree of capillary permeability, hematopoiesis. The vitamin is prescribed for inflammatory processes, including those of an allergic nature, as it increases resistance to external influences, including stress. Acid helps to absorb iron and calcium, participates in the process of folic acid metabolism. Due to its antioxidant properties and the acceleration of repair processes, vitamin C is used in malignant lesions of the body, for example, in tumors of the rectum. The role of the male body is not just that. The vitamin is directly involved in the synthesis of steroid hormones as well as catecholamines. When your body has enough of this substance, the stability of other vitamins immediately increases. These are B1, B2, E, A, as well as folic and pantothenic acids. The sources of this food component are such products: celery, spinach, rose hips, parsley, mountain ash, peppers, strawberries, peaches and apricots, jacket potatoes, Brussels sprouts, black currants and persimmons. Less of it is found in animal products.

What are the guidelines for taking vitamins for men?

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If a man cares about his health, he should know what vitamins are needed for potency and in what quantity it is desirable to use them. A balanced diet will help maintain men's health in old age. Vitamins that increase potency should be taken daily.

Therefore, vitamin C is not produced in our body, so it is necessary to monitor its intake with food. The diet should include fresh fruits and vegetables. The norm of vitamin per day is 100 to 400 mg.

Vitamin D is produced in sufficient amounts in the skin during the summer, this also occurs in May and September, provided there is sufficient sunlight in the temperate and subtropical zone. Do not forget about vitamin complexes, they will help maintain immune defenses in winter. The daily norm is 10 mcg.

To maintain the health of the endocrine system, we need vitamin E. Its reserves can be replenished with the help of vegetable oils, fish oil. The norm per day is 12 to 30 mg.

Group B vitamins affect the state of the nervous system, skin, hair, as well as complete metabolism, hematopoiesis. For example, vitamin B 4 normalizes sleep, is an antidepressant, important for men with impaired potency. Potency problems lead not only to the impossibility of sexual intercourse, but also to mental disorders, stress and depression in this context.

The daily requirement for these vitamins varies: Vitamin B12 is only 2 mcg. , B1 is 1. 5 to 2. 5 mg. , Vitamin B3 is 15 to 25 mg. , B9 is only 0. 2 mg.

Vitamin complexes for potency

Approximately half of the male population is faced with some form of sexual dysfunction. These can be mild erectile dysfunction that goes away with time, premature ejaculation, as well as decreased sexual desire, i. e. libido. These are the most common violations of sex life.

Men's health is influenced by common factors such as work overload, domestic stress and irregular working hours. It is impossible to completely exclude this influence, but there are male vitamins for potency that will reduce the risk of its development, and sometimes completely protect a man's health. The most suitable vitamin preparation will be selected by a specialist.

We told you which vitamins are needed for normal potency. Remember that the best effect is given by natural sources of these substances in the form of healthy food, a rational menu, timely meals.