Power at 60: ways to increase

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Potency at 60 is what a man of mature age dreams of. Unfortunately, an erection at age 60 is not always ideal, and erectile dysfunction in old age will not surprise anyone. How to restore potency? What means of increasing potency are there? And how can a woman help her man if the couple has problems in their intimate life?

From birth, nature has given each person a vital force, which at each stage (in childhood, youth, maturity, old age) is expressed in virtues and advantages. And if for women the weakening of former youth and beauty is the most problematic period, for men it is the loss of masculine strength (potency). This is especially evident at the turn of the 60s, when the female half of humanity prefers peace and contemplation in intimate life, and the male half prefers activity and the same sexual desire. How to maintain the ability to have an active sex life when the sixty-year milestone has already been passed?

Why potency declines at age 60

It is no exception when a man over 60 becomes a happy father. With the right lifestyle, friendship with physical education and sports, rational nutrition, potency in sixty-year-old men may not decrease.

Decreased sexual desire, irregular intercourse, reduced sexual activity in sixty-year-old men - all this is reflected in male strength. The cause of impotence must be looked for in the wrong way of life and it is the cause that must be treated, not the consequence: establishing an adequate diet, physical activity.

Monitoring the state of your genitourinary system, maintaining its normal functioning with the help of useful means (herbs, decoctions, infusions) positively complement male potency.

But in any case, the lack of testosterone, which is subject to changes depending on age, from the state of the body for representatives of the stronger sex of this age group, manifests itself more often than usual. It is its insufficient production that reduces potency and erectile dysfunction at age 60. Low potency at age 60 is not a sentence, because in addition to the decrease in the level of the male hormone, there are several reasons that also aggravate the erection mechanism:

  • decreased potency when taking narcotic drugs;
  • systematic ingestion of alcohol, threatening complete impotence;
  • nicotine dependence (smoking), which, by constricting blood vessels, has a slowing effect on blood circulation;
  • psychophysical situations, fraught with stress, emotional experiences - affect the quality of erection and the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • sedentary work (office, computer), fraught with disturbances in the normal blood flow of a man's pelvic floor and genitals, also leads to erectile dysfunction;
  • there is a decrease in potency with regular sleep disturbances (insomnia or chronic lack of sleep);
  • weakening of potency occurs with insufficient work of the genitourinary system, kidney disorders;
  • weakened body due to diabetes, obesity;
  • sexually transmitted infectious diseases should be considered a common cause of impotence;
  • prostatitis.

How to restore potency

A well-known way to increase potency in people over 60 is to use stimulants that increase the duration of an erection. Viagra and other erectile dysfunction drugs do not exclude a negative effect on the systemic work of blood vessels and the heart. It is impossible to completely restore potency with these drugs: they give a temporary effect and are addictive.

But even the occurrence of arterial hypertension, as one of these manifestations, does not prevent men after the sixth decade from looking for alternatives. Using the tools of modern medicine, they can apply an extensive list of measures to increase potency, [overcoming sexual disorders and dysfunctions.

Methods to increase potency

How to increase and maintain potency at age sixty and for many years to come? Receptions aimed at increasing potency in the elderly can be represented in the following ways:

  • treatment with the help of highly qualified specialists in the field of genitourinary and related systems: endocrine, prostate, atherosclerosis and others, are the key to restoring potency;
  • development of special diets, selection of healthy foods that provide a stable way of functioning of the circulatory system. The normal cholesterol content, water-salt balance, the amount of vitamins and trace elements contributes to an increase in potency.
  • a good way to increase potency is to carry out therapeutic exercises, general physical training to maintain normal circulation of the genitourinary system, pelvic blood flow. The Kegel technique is a good way to restore potency at 60, but the patient will need patience and regular exercise. Its essence is that you need to contract the rectal muscles. It leads to increased blood flow, massages the prostate, promotes quick and lasting erections, improves the quality of sexual intercourse and normalizes sexual function.
  • Another good way to increase potency is to maintain a regular frequency of sexual intercourse to maintain the erectile function of the body. Irregular sex life has a depressing effect on the work of the prostate, causing congestion and reducing sexual function.
Poor potency in a man after 60 how to increase

Restoration of erectile function with the help of drugs

With the indication of the restoration of the potency of the drug by the attending physician, all drugs and preparations taken, their positive aspects and contraindications are considered in their consultations.

For men in their 60s, recommended groups may include:

  • Systemic stimulants that affect the metabolic processes of the whole organism, contribute to an increase in potency. The composition may include useful vitamins and trace elements;
  • erection regulators, whose action is associated with the inhibition of phosphodiesterase 5 before sexual intercourse - do not contribute to the increase in potency in the literal sense of the word, but help to initiate and complete sexual intercourse, have a good effect on a woman's self-esteem elderly;
  • metabolism-enhancing drugs with endocrine causes of potency;
  • preparations that restore testosterone due to hormones, in the form of ointments, gels, injections, patches and tablets.

Antidepressants have been used successfully in the fight against erectile dysfunction. At the same time, patients are not prohibited from taking medication on their own, but this does not mean violations of the treatment regimen or the recommendations prescribed by the doctor.

Restoring potency with folk remedies

A large number of medicinal tinctures, herbal extracts are sold in the pharmacy chain. Its use in an integrated approach (stimulant, anti-inflammatory) with prolonged therapy significantly increases the chances of successfully restoring male power in adulthood.

happy woman and man with increased potency

These must include:

  • ginseng tincture, which promotes metabolism, increases the functionality of the hormonal system, the body's resistance;
  • bee bread (pollen collected by bees), stimulating vigor and energy, male libido, which increases the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • seeds (seeds) of sown hemp, which actively affect testosterone synthesis and, as a result, spermatogenesis;
  • fresh decoction of common dubrovnik plants: urgently suppresses impotence, signs of erection appear after an interval of one hour from the time of admission;
  • pharmaceutical preparations from the seeds of European dodder, asparagus to increase sexual excitability;
  • alcohol-based male musk deer spray as an herbal potency stimulant.

It is useful to use medicinal herbs: thyme with nettle, St. John's wort, roots of radiola rosea, which also have a stimulating effect on the reproductive system.

proper nutrition

A significant result, using only medicines or non-traditional treatments, cannot be guaranteed if there is no special diet. It should be borne in mind that in this age group, the abundance of protein foods and carbohydrates does not have a decisive significance - vitamins and microelements play this role.

Recommended foods:

To restore potency at age 60, a man will help the use of fresh fruits, vegetables with a daily volume of 1/5 kg; any type of nut with the addition of honey; legumes (peanuts, chickpeas, peas, soybeans, beans, lentils, etc. ); cheese and dairy products; high-fat sea fish: mackerel, halibut, tuna, salmon, salmon, etc.

products to increase potency after 60

At the same time, it is recommended to abstain from foods that increase cholesterol, such as eggs, fatty meats, sour cream, etc.


The fullness of sex life is the key to the well-being of family happiness in adulthood. You must remember this and constantly maintain a normal potency, trying to stay active along the path of life.