How to increase and restore potency after 50 years?

According to statistics, the main problems with sexual abilities in a strong half of humanity occur in adulthood. Stress, malnutrition, a busy work schedule and some hidden ailments that don't make themselves felt for many years eventually lead to a decrease in potency in men after age 50. However, restoration of potency is possible even at age 60, subject to a comprehensive professional impact and the availability of a competent treatment regimen. Some men try to increase potency after 50 on their own by taking various medications, but such actions can cause irreparable damage to health.

A man over 50 has no potency problems, which his wife likes

Causes of sexual impotence

Before trying to find the answer to the question of how to increase potency at age 60 and before, it is worth determining the causes that provoke impotence. They are usually associated with significant changes in the male body after age 50. There are two groups of reasons: external and internal.

External sources of male power loss include the following factors:

  1. unstable psychological state caused by stress and problems;
  2. excess number of mental loads in work activities;
  3. characteristics of a man's profession. Weak potency in men over fifty years old is usually observed with a sedentary lifestyle, as a result of stagnation of blood in Organs pelvic organs, caused by a violation of trophic nutrition;
  4. weight gain. The organs of the small pelvis are displaced under the pressure of a man's weight, which indirectly affects the decrease in potency in men after 50 years;
  5. against the background of stress, the number of sexual acts may decrease, which, in turn, leads to stagnation of blood in Organs pelvic organs. The relative norm of sexual relations for this age is not met, which causes problems with male power;
  6. an inactive lifestyle against the background of a weakening of the muscular corset in men leads to a decrease in sexual activity and a loss of sexual desire.

There are also internal reasons why male potency declines after age 50:

  1. various inflammations in the genitourinary system, a general deterioration of health: increased blood pressure, metabolic disorders, hormonal imbalance;
  2. diseases, the complications of which are erectile dysfunction;
  3. diabetes is a common cause of impotence. In this context, there is an active decrease in the main sex hormone in men - testosterone, which is responsible for the functioning of sexual function.

Often, pathologies of this type are asymptomatic or resemble other diseases. Only a doctor will help to determine the exact diagnosis and identify the cause of the loss of male power. He will also tell you how to restore potency without harming health.

Ultrasound will help diagnose potency problems in men over 50

About diagnoses

To find out how to increase potency after 50 years, it is necessary to consult a doctor who will make a complete diagnosis of the problem and identify the true causes of the disease. The main actions of a specialist, in addition to the usual visual examination of the penis, is an ultrasound and biomaterial sampling to detect pathologies.

The first step is a blood test, the presence of an increased number of leukocytes in it indicates the development of an inflammatory process in the body. A normal image of blood plasma status provides an indicator of the number of leukocytes within reference values.

The second most important analysis is ultrasound, which reveals various pathologies directly in the tissues and cavities of the organ, detects the sites of inflammation and determines the extent of inflammation. If an inflammatory process is suspected during an ultrasound, an additional hardware study is performed.

In conclusion, the composition of the seminal fluid is studied and a smear is taken directly from the genital organ to exclude the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. Increasing potency with poor microflora tests, even if the strongest drugs are used for this purpose, will not be effective.

The doctor prescribes drugs that increase male potency in adulthood

about therapy

Special preparations that increase male power, lost for various reasons, help to increase arousal. However, if erectile dysfunction is directly related to pathologies and diseases, it is necessary to eliminate the primary source of the problem.

As every male body is unique, as such, there is no norm for the frequency of sexual intercourse after the age of 50. This indicator directly depends on the characteristics of the patient and his nature temperament.

Improving a man's potency after age 50 requires an integrated approach, which includes the following key points:

  1. maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes a balanced diet and physical activity. The first component will not allow you to gain excess weight, and the second will make the muscles in good shape;
  2. maintain a certain level of vitamins and minerals in the body, which will prevent infectious and viral diseases;
  3. support your own health, it is important to avoid too sudden changes in temperature after 50 years;
  4. the appointment of therapy with special drugs that increase arousal and are able to restore male strength;
  5. rejection of bad habits. Excessive addiction to alcohol and smoking leads to a significant decrease in sexual desire and often causes impotence.

The diet of a man after 50 years of age must be filled with all the trace elements necessary to maintain health. It is important to obtain these ingredients not only in synthetic form, but also with food. Special attention should be paid to the level of zinc, calcium, protein, phosphorus and magnesium. Thanks to zinc, there is an active production of testosterone in the body, which, as you know, is responsible for male strength.

About drug treatment

Most men, faced with sexual impotence after 50 years, turn to doctors for help. The specialist, having studied the state of health of the patient, in the absence of the development of pathologies, prescribes him various drugs that can increase erectile function:

  • The most famous and ancient drug, through which you can restore potency and even prolong sexual intercourse. The active components of the drug work to expand the inguinal lumen of the arteries, which leads to abundant blood flow to the genitals. The drug is effective, it is used before intercourse for 40 minutes. It is important that the dosage of the drug is prescribed by a specialist strictly taking into account the characteristics of the patient's health;
  • Especially effective after 50 years, it is able to act faster than alternative medicines. The action of the tablets lasts more than 12 hours, and the first effect is noticeable 10-15 minutes after consumption. However, the medication should be taken with caution due to the large number of contraindications;
  • It is shown not only to men after age 50, but also at a younger age. It maintains muscle tone during the day, the effect of the drug is similar to the previous ones, it occurs 10 minutes after ingestion;
  • It is often prescribed if other medications do not help. It has no negative effects on the circulatory system, even with prolonged use. It is allowed to be taken only as directed by a doctor as it is a very strong medicine.

non-traditional methods

In the event that the patient is contraindicated in taking any medication, the action of which is based on increasing blood flow to the genital organ, you can resort to non-traditional drugs that increase erectile function.

The most famous plant that actively influences male potency is ginseng. With its help, you can independently cope with impotence and prevent relapses. Usually the plant is used in two versions:

  1. tincture - 30 g of crushed plant root are mixed with 300 ml of alcohol, after which the resulting composition is stored in a dry place for three weeks. It is taken 15-20 drops 3 times a day;
  2. decoction - the root of the plant must be kept in a water bath for about 40 minutes, strained and cooled. Drink 100 ml a day at a time.

In addition to ginseng, alternative medicine uses a few other types of herbs, decoctions and tinctures that will help increase potency no worse than drugstore medicines:

  • fenugreek - mixed in the form of seeds with milk, which increases its effectiveness. A cup of milk with this natural ingredient a day is enough to forget about sexual impotence;
  • sandra - an extract of white wine is made from this plant, in the proportion of 100 g of the main ingredient per 1 liter of white wine. The remedy must be insisted on for at least a week;
  • thyme - brewed in the usual way. In addition to increasing potency, it has an overall body-strengthening effect. The herb is able to maintain a high potential in male power for a long time.

Potency failures in men over 50 years of age are considered a common occurrence in medical practice. Before proceeding with the elimination of this disease, it is important to determine its cause, which can only be done by a doctor after a thorough examination and sampling.