How to choose vitamins to increase potency in men?

After 35 years, according to the urology and the sexopathologist, begins an important period for the strong half of mankind. Men starts to disturb the condition of the reproductive system, there may be problems with erectile function, potency. Many are looking for an efficient, effective way to improve sexual energy, one of which is taking vitamins for men to improve potency.

Magic power supply

According to sexologists, the most and one of the main roles in male potency plays a good nutrition. If it is organized correctly, contains all the necessary materials and components, including vitamins, can improve sexual energy.

Vitamins for potency

If to include in daily menu the following food, it will be possible to do without medical intervention. Man, you need to apply:

  1. fish. It is recommended to eat at least 3 times a week boiled or baked. For enhancing sexual activity effect included in the phosphorus, iodine and vitamin B. to improve potency, should be applied not only fish, but other seafood such as squid, oysters, mussels.Oysters rank second among the products to improve potency in men. These seafood contain large quantities of zinc, amino acids, necessary for active production of testosterone. Also in the oysters is a substance dopamine, which helps to increase libido.
  2. meat. This is not only a powerful aphrodisiac but also healthy product, rich in vitamins and trace elements. It is better to include menus as mutton, horse meat, beef. Preference should be given red meat mind;
  3. nuts. They contain essential minerals and vitamins to increase potency, so it is recommended to include in the menu daily. Today popular is a mixture of dried apricots, honey, walnuts, nutmeg, pine nuts. They contain vitamins b, E, zinc and magnesium, which help to increase sexual energy and power.

In addition to the use of the products described, it is important to observe the rules of healthy eating. It is not necessary to prevent overeating, hunger. Ideally, you should eat 4-5 times a day with a break 2 hours.

Top 5 vitamins

Modern pharmacology offers a wide variety of vitamin complexes for men, but they are quite expensive and not everyone can afford. To reduce the cost of therapy you can buy the vitamins separately. Such drugs include:

  1. vitamins for erection of group B. They help to be more resilient, physically strong, contribute to the rapid breakdown of proteins. Their main advantage is weight loss, which is inherent in every third man over the age of 40 years. All vitamin complexes to enhance potency in men that differ positive reviews are composed of b vitamins b Vitamins need to buy at the pharmacy, you can consume foods rich in them: sunflower, legumes, bananas, fish oil.
  2. Seafood
  3. virtually all vitamins to improve the potency contain in vitamin F. It is an active component that helps to produce male hormones, synthesizes cholesterol, promotes the renewal of germ cells. Vitamin F ensures the health of the entire reproductive system;
  4. vitamin E. It controls all the processes in the reproductive system, responsible for men's and women's health:
    • normalizes the process of renewal of the outer shell of the tubules in the testes;
    • enhances immunity;
    • promotes the production of male hormones;
    • has a beneficial effect on erections;
    • improves muscle tone;
    • restores blood vessels;
    • improves the blood flow that prevents stagnation in the pelvis;
    • cleanses the body of toxins.
    These qualities are enhanced when connected with another component — ascorbic acid. Vitamin E is contained in the following products: liver, milk, vegetable oil;
  5. ascorbic acid, which many underestimate, is able to prevent BPH. It helps fight depression, improves physical activity improves the immune system. Found in citrus fruits, especially grapefruit and lemon, rosehips, and bell peppers;
  6. vitamin D, which increases the potency, present in large amounts in fish oil. Capsules of this substance can be purchased in any pharmacy, they are not expensive, but have many good qualities for men. In addition, it is a great energy drink. Studies have shown that a test group of men who drank within 3 months of fish oil, it is better passed the physical tests than the second group without vitamin D. It is found in milk, cheese, nuts, eggs, sour cream.

Pharmacological complexes

If it is not possible to buy in a pharmacy certain groups of vitamins or no faith in their action, you can purchase a special set, developed specially for men. Vitamin complexes, despite its apparent simplicity, can be dangerous. Due to possible overdose nasty health complications, up to benign tumors. Therefore, before the use of certain vitamin complexes doctors suggest to pass the examination and pass the necessary tests.