Weak potency: what to do and how to improve?

Problems in intimate life

Problems with potency greatly hurt the feelings of the representatives of the stronger sex, because each of them wants to see a radiant, happy face of his partner in bed. However, temporary difficulties in this regard can touch even the young and perfectly healthy man. Over the years, as the number of "misfires" will only increase.

Many men seek to improve their potency and are looking for information about this. In this article we will understand what measures will help, if stopping a weak erection a full sexual life.

When it's time to sound the alarm

Indeed, men often exaggerate the extent of the problem, because "fear has big eyes". Even one or two times faced with the weakening of erection, some start to panic and even depression. Just note that rare cases of insufficient voltage of the penis is not a cause for concern. They happen to everyone and usually associated with temporary factors. Enough to remove them and everything will work out, there is nothing specifically you need to do.

Time factors:

  • fatigue;
  • a single administration of large doses of alcohol;
  • infectious disease (particularly influenza, intestinal infections);
  • trauma related blood loss.

In these cases, you should not worry that bad potency will remain forever. But there are factors that can seriously reduce the quality of sexual life. They can be divided into external and internal. Such factors act for a long time, gradually undermining the health. If you notice these in your life, you need to take all measures to eliminate them.

Table 1: internal and external factors that cause weakening of potency

Internal Alcoholism (drinking more than the recommended medical daily intake of alcohol) Smoking Improper diet Excess weight, sedentary lifestyle, neglecting physical activity
External A life of constant stress, work that requires increased responsibility The lack of regular sex life, rare sex too The lack of attraction to partner Long-lasting financial difficulties

If erectile dysfunction developed in the result of the action of these causes will have to devote some time to restore it. Exactly how much – depends on the age, the tenacity of the person and the possibility to fully or partially dispel harmful factor from your life.

Doctors-sexologists allocate a number of signs that indicate that sexual function is under threat:

  • For a long period of weakening or disappearance of the pull – no desire to engage in sexual contact;
  • Fear, panic before intercourse for fear of poor erection;
  • The lack of morning erections, or very weak;
  • Premature ejaculation, sometimes even before the introduction of the penis;
  • The inability to finish sexual intercourse disappearance of erection in the process;
  • Lack of orgasm, or he is weak "lubricated".

How to improve the potency without drugs

If you suspect that erectile dysfunction is associated with health, be sure to go to the doctor: urologist, andrologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist, to undergo examination and treatment. To cope with the psychogenic causes will help sexologist or psychologist. However, some action will have to take in their own hands, because the doctor can't force a person to change a sedentary lifestyle to active, or to leave the unloved work, which takes away all power.

The correct approach to the preservation of men's health

  • Regular sex. Because of the long breaks in sex potency may eventually subside as the body gradually "collapses" a useless feature. This is especially dangerous for men older than 50-55 years. At this age, even a single break of 2-3 months can lead to serious difficulties with the restoration of sexual life. A medical study conducted in 2003 showed that one ejaculation a week reduces the risk of prostate cancer by 40%.If the work involves long trip, sexologists recommend to literally "take the problem into their own hands", that is, to masturbate.
  • Protected sex. Transferred venereal disease, particularly if they are not treated, increases the risk of chronic prostatitis and weak erection in the future. Even a vague suspicion of possible contamination – a reason to get tested and get treatment.
  • A healthy way of life. Smoking cessation doctors believe the best way to prevent weak potency. Nicotine adversely affects the blood vessels, and all the "mens movement" works on the principle of filling with blood. Smoking = impotence. Alcohol intake should be limited to the recommended dose: 0.33 ml beer, 150 ml of dry red wine or 50 ml of vodka a day.
  • Foodthat does not destroy health. The question here is not about eating solely chicken breast and low fat cottage cheese. Such measures are needed only in serious diseases. Smart tips: to monitor the amount of proteins, vitamins and fiber in food. There are 3-4 times a day in small portions. Drink enough pure water.
  • Proper sleep and rest. If during the week, sleep less than 5 hours a day, morning erection will disappear or will become weak. This is a worrying sign for men, especially after 40 years.
  • Physical activity. For a long period of stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs – the main reason for the deterioration of potency. At risk are drivers, office workers, IT - specialists, representatives of the professions, which have a long time to sit. These people are advised to master the techniques of gymnastics, daily walk at least half an hour a day and at least twice a week to engage in active sex.
  • Normalization of weight. Excess fatty tissue starting time to play the role of an endocrine organ, causing a disruption of hormonal balance and inhibiting the synthesis of testosterone.
  • Work with a partner. Moral support is priceless second half for men, and indifferent or insensitive woman without the initiative is able to kill the manhood in the Bud. To solve the problem of sluggish erections, you should speak honestly and to outline a joint action plan to improve the quality of sexual life: a romantic evening, a joint vacation, a change of scenery, role-playing and t.. D.

Home methods of harder erections

Consider how to increase the potency at home without the use of drugs. The first thing that doctors recommend – yoga techniques. Indian men are famous for that maintain virility to a ripe old age.

Asana - the plow pose

Asanas for potency:

  • The plow pose. Lie on your back. Your arms should be straight along the body, palms turned to the floor. Using the abdominal muscles to raise legs vertically, then raise the lower back and lower straight legs behind your head.
  • Posture of unity (wise). Sit on your heels, put your hands behind your back. Take the palm of his right wrist with his left. Slowly lean to the forehead touched the floor. To stay so for 10-20 s.
  • The bow pose. Lie down on your stomach. Bend the knees, pressing the heels to the buttocks. Hands clasp the ankle. Arched, raising her Breasts and thighs. Be delayed by 10-20 s.

These poses improve blood circulation in the pelvic region and stimulate the production of testosterone, leads the body in tone.

Another home remedy: contrast water procedures. This requires two deep basin with hot and cold water. Within 10 minutes you have to sit in turn one and the second basin for 20 s. the procedure Ends with cold water. After to RUB oneself dry with a towel.


This technique is very effective, but is contraindicated in acute and chronic prostatitis, renal diseases.

Popular recipes

Sometimes an erection can weaken due to General fatigue and weakness. To cope with this will help of natural stimulants – tincture of ginseng or Siberian ginseng. They take a course in a month, observing the instructions for use, and then make a break. These herbs are contraindicated in hypertension. Another popular recipe quickly lead to tone – tincture of garlic. 200 g of garlic grind in a stone or ceramic mortar (do not use metal). Pour in a glass jar with 70% alcohol. 10 days keep in a dark place, shaking occasionally. Pumpkin seedsTake 20 drops per day during the month, drinking a glass of milk. If potency in men are weak because of physical and psychological exhaustion (excessive load at work), should be included in the diet the following products:

  • cedar nuts;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • carrot juice with cream and honey;
  • the Turkey and rabbit;
  • beef liver;
  • avocado.

The taking dietary supplements

If taking pills to improve the potency should be agreed with your doctor, because they have many contraindications, some dietary Supplements are fairly harmless. They act gently but effectively. The only condition is regular intake.

Personal experience in the treatment of impotence problems: reviews

"No pills will not help if not to cure the cause. I that only did not buy, helped only once. In the end, got to the urologist, who prescribed tests and ultrasound and immediately said it. After treatment, the difference is immediately noticeable – the sex with his wife ten years ago."

"I am 57 years old, and his wife 40 – she wants every day, and I can't. Not to say that I have a problem with potency, the doctor said – all by age. But I noticed, if you catch crayfish and eat more, then all night as a young. Something in them is there."

"Somehow afraid to always take pills – and suddenly, without them you won't be able. So I chose sprays. Enjoyed some happy."