How to improve the potency of men — natural and medical methods

what the male potency

It is the ability of the body and sexual intercourse. However, the potency of affects:

  • the speed of the phenomenon the appearance of an erection;
  • the normal flow of sexual intercourse;
  • duration of sex;
  • the functioning of the penis.

It is considered that the potency is maintained throughout the life of the stronger sex, and decreases only at the appropriate age. Translated into French the term means "opportunity". The word "potency" was created in the 19th century and meant sexual activity of the stronger sex.

Important to know: if at the age of twenty the young man watches erection problems, you should immediately contact the doctor.

It should be emphasized that the problems in sexual life affected by certain factors, which should be avoided:

  1. lack of sleep;
  2. the use of alcohol;
  3. fatigue;
  4. eating fatty foods;
  5. sluggishness;
  6. hormonal substances.

Interesting fact: the potency of applies to women. But its exact definition currently does not exist.

On the functioning of the penis affected by chronic diseases. They can either increase and decrease the potency. In particular, in chronic diseases the opportunity to enter into an intimate relationship in men decreases. And tuberculosis and trichomoniasis are higher. However, this does not last long. After 2-3 months the potency is greatly reduced, and may have significant complications.


Nutritionists recommend a multivitamin all genders and age groups. Modern products is different. They grow on the pesticides and hormones, contain preservatives, and do not meet the needs of the organism in the components of the diet.

The choice of vitamins large. Ale to improve sexual state should focus on the complexes containing zinc and selenium. These 2 very important trace element for normal functioning of the testes and prostate, which in turn are important for healthy potency.

What you need to know about the potency

what you need to know about the potency

In educational institutions do not explain to the younger generation about sexual acts and capabilities of the male organ, with the result that in the future questions arise.

Important: if in the morning the young man steadily manifested an erection, it is a sign of normal course of the sexual process. The maximum can be achieved when you change sexual partner, or relaxation after victory in the men.

Negative factors affecting male activity:

  • excessive physical labor;
  • "a syndrome of the businessman";
  • tact is not the lady;
  • the lack of suitable conditions for intimacy.

Many men used to do without treatment from the experts and make the synthetic drugs. However, such methods may be detrimental to health. Therefore, there are various means to increase potency for men: natural, folk and medication.

Effective exercises

In addition to and medications that help increase the potency of men in any situation, it is recommended not to neglect the special exercises, which stimulates sexual function.

effective exercises to increase potency

A special set of exercises combined with swimming and Jogging are able to boost your sexual strength and to prevent a number of urological diseases. To combat violations in the intimate sphere, it is recommended to perform:

  • Marching step during which you must raise high the knees;
  • Tightening an imaginary ball, which is useful for erectile function;
  • Squats, at the same time straining the muscles of the anus;
  • Rotation of the hula-Hoop, which increase blood circulation and prevent stasis of reality;
  • The bridge, lifting the hips and buttocks of the prone position.

It is also helpful kegels (flexing and relaxing of muscles between the anus and scrotum), which stimulates blood flow. It can be done at any convenient hour.

How to increase male potency natural ways

According to experts, the first and foremost rule of the phenomenon is the food. Hedgehog plays a major role in healthy functioning of the body. Consumption of fresh vegetables, meat and fruits helps to safely increase the potency.

Products, are indispensable in the diet of every man:

  • honey;
  • garlic;
  • nuts;
  • eggs;
  • dark chocolate;
  • carrots and milk.


massage to increase potency

The Chinese doctors always say that the person there are special points that can to solve all issues associated with men's libido. These points on the feet, back and hands. In order to maximize the impact they require the participation of a doctor or acupuncture (under supervision or with participation of a specialist).

Interesting: very well affect the potency and erotic massage.

Doctors also recommend to do a prostate massage because it has a positive impact on potency. You can do it yourself in advance in consultation with your doctor.


Increasingly young people are in a sitting position because of work. As a result of deteriorating metabolism, people tend quick fullness and deterioration of sexual desire and partner. In this case, you should play sports. On the Internet there are educational videos, which remove instructors. The main task — to force the heart to work more actively. Note that during physical work a man receives a charge of vivacity and optimism that the phenomena are positive factors to preserve the potency.

Important: increase load gradually, not abruptly, so as not to harm their own body.


Since childhood, it is known that man consists of 70% water. The absorption of the fluid also has a positive effect on the male libido. Before going to sleep doctors recommend to take a cold bath. Procedures are not only good impact on the immune system, but also on the blood circulation in the pelvic area.

Important: once a week a man should visit bath. Such procedures improve the condition of the body and remove unwanted toxins.

Treatment V. e through food

treatment with food

Diet means a lot in the maintenance of General and sexual health of men. Do not rush to take pills and other pharmaceutical drugs. It is enough to revise menus to include in the diet foods that are able to quickly increase the potency. Here is a list of what needs to be added to the feed men:

  1. The oysters and mussels. The product increases the production of natural testosterone, enriches the body with necessary fatty acids and prevents premature ejaculation. Contraindications: gastritis, diabetes.
  2. Marine fish (not fried): flounder, mackerel is rich in phosphorus, zinc, omega-3 acids and very good as a dinner before the act.
  3. Turnips boiled, stewed, steamed contains a lot of zinc that increases libido, sexual function and prolong sexual intercourse. Contraindications: hepatitis, diseases of the Central nervous system.
  4. Citrus fruits high in vitamin C, lutein enhance libido, erection and significantly increase the firmness of the penis.
  5. Black stomach – an exotic product, but very useful for men. Cicurina be treated and means instant action – enough to take 2-3 gr. dried drug and the effect will not keep itself waiting.
  6. Squid, crayfish, shrimp, improve virility, increase libido and positively affect the quality and quantity of sperm. Zinc and selenium in foods increase the production of testosterone, resulting in lack of premature ejaculation, prolonged sexual acts, more vivid sensations.
  7. Quail eggs in quantity of 2 pieces in the evening will help to deliver unforgettable pleasure partner, and the man will get a lot of vivid emotions. Eggs can be eaten raw, steam to cook scrambled eggs and add in cooked salads. The product includes a lot of phosphorus and amino acids that increase libido and eliminate unnecessary anxiety. If you need advice on how to regain your erection quickly, it is better quail eggs means not to find.
  8. Bananas – a natural drug that improves the reproductive function.
  9. Chocolate (natural, at least 70% cocoa) in small amounts has beneficial effects on blood circulation in the pelvic organs, increases the synthesis of natural testosterone.
  10. Watermelon is struggling with prostate cancer, dilates blood vessels, removes toxins and activates the set of amino acids in the body. Highly recommended patients to increase potency.
  11. Avocado normalizes hormonal balance, and a high content of folic acid provides a very rapid recovery of erection.
  12. Grain and pomegranate juice have demonstrated the effectiveness after a week of admission. Juice drink at least 200 ml every day, but is also the fruit for the relief of malignant tumors in the prostate gland. Product dilates blood vessels, prevents thrombosis, increases blood circulation and is considered a natural substance intercourse.
  13. Bilberry increases libido and normalizes the blood flow to the pelvic organs, raspberry promotes the production of testosterone and has a positive effect on reproductive function.
  14. The meat of calf, chicken, Turkey, chicken contains the right amount of protein, which is needed for the development of male hormone. Plus the meat enhances sexual desire and sexual excitability. Most importantly, serve the meat right: with a light side dish or as a main course with spicy sauce.
  15. Dried figs – this is a men's product which helps to prolong the act that increases the efficiency of the penis. Rich composition not only improves erectile function and normalizes the work of cardiovascular system, prevents diseases of the prostate, ensures good quality sperm, maintains the viability of sperm and increases the chances of conceiving a child.
  16. Fermented foods strengthen the immune system, increase libido and saturate the body with calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and other beneficial trace elements. Hello should eat foods with increased fat content of 15-20%, less substances will not be absorbed, more is the risk of obesity.
  17. Figs and grapes contain a lot of magnesium, zinc, potassium. Products treat male infertility are considered to be natural aphrodisiacs and are able to regain an erection during its early decline.
  18. Cabbage, onions, garlic, tomatoes normalize hormonal balance, increase libido and is good for sustaining high potency. You can eat raw, boil, bake and simmer.

Foods that cause the improvement of the potency that is listed, but what to exclude, if there is a question, how to restore potency:

from what I should avoid to improve the potency
  • Smoked food, alcohol – contribute to the conversion of testosterone to the female hormone, increase the risk of obesity.
  • Sugar and salt should reduce the amount of seasonings in the dishes, replacing them with natural plants: turmeric, cumin, vanilla, cinnamon.
  • Soda, energy, fast food, soy – contain the minimum and maximum useful hazardous substances, which provoke increased production of the female hormone and decreases the synthesis of testosterone.
  • Spicy, fatty, fried foods, foods high in fat (mayonnaise, sauces, sprats) almost kills libido, provoke the development of abnormalities of the prostate and lead quickly and reduce the erection.
  • Sweets, white bread, fried pies – it's fast carbs, you need to either minimize, or completely removed from the diet. Use ad products in addition to no taste, but the damage is huge.

Improvement in reproductive function and potency in men is a long process. Do not think that the week diet will help to restore the erection and to eliminate the hell of negative symptoms. But if you don't drop hell mode power supply to support it at least a couple of months, the efficiency will be very noticeable.

Folk remedies to increase potency in men

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, there are folk remedies that can raise the potency and even to deprive hell of prostatitis. However, they should be used also with the agreement of the doctor:

  • medicinal herbs (nettle, thyme, calamus and ginseng);
  • honey, carrot juice, ginger, nuts;
  • white wine;
  • salad W onions, beets and asparagus;
  • natural pathogen — extract of Eleutherococcus.


Experts have reported that ginger root has a stimulating effect on the sexual activity of the stronger sex, of course, improving circulation and metabolism. Interestingly, ginger can be added to drinks, meals or is simple so, fresh or in powder form. In any case, the root retains its beneficial properties. Here are just a few dishes where you want to add to the fullness of the taste of ginger:

  • baking (ginger cookies);
  • the marinating chicken and other meat;
  • preparation of fish and seafood;
  • delicious tea (ginger goes well with honey).

Tincture to increase the potency

  1. krasnovka (to prepare this tincture, you should buy in a pharmacy the leaves of the plant and cover them with vodka. Two tablespoons grinded leaves to 0.5 liters of alcohol. Leave NAPA in a dark place for 1-2 weeks, shaking the watch. Use: 10 drops three times a day);
  2. garlic (really good tincture. For its preparation you will need grated garlic and 0.5 liters of vodka);
  3. ginseng (tincture of this plant are already being sold at pharmacies);
  4. nettle, calamus, thyme.

Interesting fact: the popular ways you can easily increase the potency. But do not abuse them. Increasingly on the forums talking about using shot. Should lubricate the stomach with oil, and attach to this place soaked in warm water in a shot. Hold it for 5-10 minutes. This popular app phenomenon is aggressive, and spend it is often not recommended.

Vibrostimulator to increase potency

various methods to increase potency

Not so long ago the phenomenon there is a new tool, through which you can painlessly and in a short period of time should get a hell of urgent problems — vibrostimulator. The device operates at high frequencies, which stimulates the skin receptors of the head. As a result, the momentum of the excitation is transmitted the center of the brain and spinal cord that are responsible for sexual reflexes.

And now and less natural means. However, they are considered the most effective.

Why medicines are not recommended

Manufacturers offer many medicines that promise to return the potency in a short time. In fact, gels, pills, creams based on natural ingredients that stimulate arousal and sexual desire temporarily. Most often the effect of ad of many drugs remains invisible. Extension erection V. e by medications leads to worsening problems with the prostate gland, which may be the reason for the failure of men in the sexual life.

Noticing the instability of erection, men need to go and see a urologist for examination and taking medications prescribed by a specialist. To solve this problem better folk remedies, exercise, a healthy lifestyle.

Drugs on a natural basis

Experts call such drugs are widely distributed in the market, and dietary Supplements. In particular, the use of drugs are psychogenic problems. However, many representatives of the stronger sex take the drugs as prophylaxis, as they do not cause significant harm and contain large amounts of vitamins.

According to the creators of dietary supplements, the drug has a positive effect on the whole fabric, saturating them with nutrients. Doctors a study was conducted on how dietary Supplements can be hazardous to the health of men. As it turned out, the drugs do not contain substances that may threaten the body.

Important: take drugs, clearly following instructions. Only in this way can achieve positive results in treatment.


  1. Both components take in equal proportions and stirred well, nuts you need to pre-chop.
  2. The mixture applied at the rate of 2 teaspoons after meals with milk, morning and evening.

Plus the fact that:

  • such a mixture provides the same vitamins that should be taken normally throughout the day.
  • helps to produce male hormones.

This product is a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals. It contains plant-based protein, ether cellulose.


Positive results demonstrated drugs containing sildenafil (artificially synthesized phosphodiesterase inhibitor.

These drugs for decades have denied men the hell of impotence problems and impotence caused by physiological factors.

Important: to use the above drugs should be only after visiting the doctor-andrologist. Do not take in any case in a large number of steroid anabolics. Supplements lead and a sharp decrease in sexual activity. Often these drugs are taken by athletes in bodybuilding. Initially, the potency increases, but gradually decreases. In the end, this can result in pathology. Have the same effect drugs. They lead to irreversible extinction of the male potential.

For men after 50 it is important to use quality products that will not harm them and will help you to feel good after application. One of such phenomena is a spray of M-16. This drug is considered the latest achievement of modern medicine. Thanks to specialized substances, the spray prolongs sexual intercourse.

The main reason for the deterioration of potency for men over 60 is the physiological changes. Doctors believe that to extend a man's strength, Yes old age is theoretically impossible. The main reason, according to doctors, is the hormones. In adulthood they slow down, which impairs the blood supply. However, in this case, there is a solution: exercise, drugs, diet. In this case, extend the reproductive system work and retired.

Interesting fact: women also observed potency, but it is expressed quite differently. At the moment, few experts are willing to say with certainty what is responsible male hormone in the female body.

Home or hospital?

in a home setting or hospital

In half of the cases the causes of impotence can not be established. Hell at the age of 40 and older it is typically associated with aging and is inevitable anyway. Therapy is not required, and the improvement will still be partial. The hospital should address younger patients, or if there are other worrying signs:

  • aching and cutting pain during urination, erection, ejaculation;
  • persistent or frequently recurring pain, heaviness in the groin;
  • episodes of rise in temperature for no apparent reason;
  • blood or pus in the urine/semen;
  • tumors in the perineum, the testicles, the penis.

For a consultation and urologist, andrologist or the venereal diseases should also be recorded in recurrent rash anywhere on the property. Syphilis, HPV and herpes is often sexually transmitted and can cause early ejaculation, prostatitis, cancer, infertility. Hello pockets of their lesions do not always manifest themselves on the genitals. Plus, they can be similar to many other skin infections that is confusing both patient and doctor.


Seafood is a real salvation for guys that passed their position in a spoon and surprise pile companion they fail. The uniqueness of seafood for men in that their composition contains a lot of food and easily digestible proteins. To enhance erection suitable caviar and oysters. Caviar contains a lot of folic acid and proteins.

Oysters are rich in the hormone dopamine. It stimulates libido. There is still zinc. It boosts testosterone levels. The role of iron – saturate tissues with oxygen.

  1. Squid;
  2. River;
  3. Mussels and oysters;
  4. Mackerel;
  5. Rapana.

All these seafood are considered aphrodisiacs and are always increase the activity in a spoon.