which foods increase potency

Quality food is the way to the heart of every man. The validity of this sentence will be confirmed not only by a nutritionist, but also by a sex therapist. The food products, selected in the necessary combinations, allow not only to diversify the family table. Some of them improve man's potency and are used to increase blood testosterone levels.

Products that increase potency in men have been known for a long time, so we can only remember the ancient science of cooking love dishes.

Which products increase power will be discussed. However, I would like not only to list them, but also to help understand why this is happening. Thus, knowledge of some of the rules allows you to avoid memorizing unnecessary details.

General condition of the body

Is there a unique diet for men? Products that increase potency in men can affect various organs and systems, without which normal sex would simply be impossible. What systems are we talking about?

Circulatory system

The sexual sphere is more sensitive to the condition of the heart and blood vessels. The accumulation of plaque on the walls of blood vessels in atherosclerosis, pressure drops in hypertension and hypotension, heart problems create many problems for men during intimacy. Therefore, a diet that promotes the health of the male cardiovascular system also helps to increase potency. The best foods and products for this are fish and seafood, red and green tea, tonic tea with ginseng or Rhodiola rosea.

Endocrine system

As you know, a diet allows you to normalize the level of male hormones in a man's body. Therefore, products that increase potency may contain substances necessary for the production of testosterone. For example, a diet that includes celery, spinach.

Nervous system

how to increase potency with proper nutrition

In order to maintain man's health, in addition to adequate food, it is also important to normalize rest.

Fatigue, stress, competition at work, childhood fears and other external factors significantly reduce a man's sexual activity. But there are products that increase potency, foods that act on the nervous system, tranquilizers or stimulants. This includes spices, aromatic oils, spices, almonds and ginger or cardamom tea.

Digestive system

Overeating, chronic stomach and intestinal diseases always negatively affect potency. Quality foods are much more important than healthy and abundant foods. Adequate dietary fiber, green tea to support liver function, nuts and honey to increase potency are great ways to maintain men's health.

Foods that are rich in antioxidants also have a positive effect on male strength. This is due to the complex beneficial effect on the body, preventing its aging. Pumpkin juice, carrots, honey, green tea, fruits, nuts, which contain lots of vitamins, are also products to increase potency.

Adequate nutrition

Most experts recommend honey for men to increase potency. It is true that only those who are not allergic to this product can ingest it in the necessary quantities. Its beneficial properties have been known for a long time, and a sweet dish containing nuts, herbal tea with honey, is a well-known male aphrodisiac.

Nuts and seeds are the second component of this mixture developed to increase male strength. The food for a man must contain the most useful of them - nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts (peanuts), almonds, pistachios, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds (it is recommended that they be eaten sprouted). The mixture of nuts and honey should be eaten 2-3 hours before bedtime. It is good to add some plums.

Plums and dates are very useful fruits for increasing male potency, regulating testosterone levels. For this to happen, natural vegetables and fruits (in particular turnips, carrots, watermelons), which improve peristalsis and contain vitamins necessary to improve male potency, must be consumed daily. For long-term health and strength, include in your daily diet:

products to increase potency in men
  • mango;
  • avocado;
  • green, red or herbal tea;
  • black tea with cardamom.

Seafood and vegetables restore male strength better, but the diet should be rich in other foods.

Vegetables, onions and garlic are also useful for improving potency. They can lead to an increase in testosterone levels, improving the condition of blood vessels. Foods rich in garlic, onion, parsley, spinach or celery are great for improving male health and erections. A special garlic tincture, which is eaten daily with milk or kefir, as well as a salad with eggs and onions, are folk remedies that increase erection and have a positive effect on testosterone levels.

Meat, fish and eggs are also products that increase potency. Its high protein content stimulates the production of sperm and cholesterol is involved in the regulation of testosterone levels. It is true that you do not need to abuse chicken eggs - it is recommended to eat no more than 3-4 pieces per week. Quail eggs should be eaten every day for two pieces.

Mackerel and plaice are the healthiest fish, recommended for regular consumption by men. It is important to know that seafood is most beneficial when cooked.

Healthy foods that can increase male libido include:

  • cottage cheese;
  • feta cheese;
  • white cheeses;
  • sour cream
  • ;
  • curdled milk.

To enhance the flavor, it is recommended to eat them with dill, coriander, cumin or fennel, which stimulate testosterone production. The cheese diet does not include hard cheeses, it is complemented with green tea.

Selected diets

To create the most correct and healthy food, it is best to seek the help of a nutritionist.

diets to increase male potency

It is curious that many of the foods listed that increase male potency, as well as nuts, fruits and spices, are a diet that has long been consumed in southern countries. And they are famous for real men, as well as for long livers. These countries have a certain culture of food intake: the food of their inhabitants consists of light foods that prevent men from gaining weight, in addition to maintaining the necessary level of testosterone in their bodies.

The habit is often and somewhat useful in any case. Mediterranean diet of various cheeses, olives, cooked fruits and vegetables, as well as a refined oriental diet rich in spices, green tea with ginger, nuts and honey as sweet dishes. . . These foods are a great way to maintain man's health, increase erection and provide greater potency. . .